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Start your very own home business today by selling Ebooks, WordPress Scripts, Turnkey Templates, Educational Videos or Software! Or just keep and use for personal use. Get a complete inventory of turnkey digital products with sales templates that you can use to build and custom design your own website. Then resell the item that you purchased from Website-Bucks over and over again! See our Free Ebook Page for Ebooks on how you could get started or just download some free ebooks in pdf format for kindle, ipad, pocket pc's, pda's or other digital ebook readers. Every one of our wholesale ebook or turnkey website package we supply are under $6.00 and you can use them to get started working at your very own home business as early as today. You can become a hosting and website reseller in a few hours from now.

Website Bucks has the largest collections of Ebooks, Turnkey Website Templates, PLR Articles, Software, Website Scripts and Designs, Graphics and SEO Help. Most all of our digital packages come with with either PLR Rights, Master Resell Rights, Resale Rights or Resell Rights. Plus we have FREE ebooks and website templates, sales pages that you can download and use the ebooks for Kindles or any ebook reader. Plus Free Website and Sales Page Scripts so you can learn to use the affiliate optimized web pages before you make a purchase from one of our many collections. 

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There are many sites out there charging big monthly fees for access to their MRR, Resell Rights, Private Label Content, or charging outrageous one-time fees for their content. 

If you're just getting started out, you really don't have a lot of money to spend on products and seo, so this keeps you from getting the valuable resale rights and private label content that you need. 

Even if you can afford to pay the big money for the resell rights or private label content from these sites, wouldn't you like to save money when buying your content? 

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With the advent of the internet and the current state of the economy there has never been a better time to start your own home business especially with the numerous home business opportunities available on the internet for Amazon, Ebay, to Affiliate programs and Turnkey Ebook stores.

Start earning money selling Ebooks, Software, Turnkey Website Templates, Affiliate Scripts and other Digital Products on your website or blog. Start your own Hosting and Reseller website and keep 100% of the profits

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 Imagine have the opportunity to work at home in your own home ebook business that you can operate 24 hours a day 365 per days per year and take orders even while you are sleeping! Sell Ebooks and Resell ebooks and you can do just that. A home business where you sell ebooks and resell ebooks gives you the opportunity to make money selling ebooks! There are no limits and you can make as much money as you wish. Look at the benefits of selling ebooks online and having your own ebook business. Work with several affiliate campaigns and optimize your affiliate marketing strategies. Advertise on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bloggs, or any place you want for optimized marketing of your digital products.

All Packages in this section $2.99 or less 

 Website Bucks has all the tools you need to get started today. We have everything from EbooksSoftwareAdsense Designs, Turnkey Affiliate templates, a Full Line of Digital Products. Website Bucks even has Automated Mini Websites and Fully Designed E commerce sites.


"YOU Can Set Up a Simple Web Site While You're Doing Laundry or Watching the Game That Will Make Money Every Month For Years to Come!"

Don't believe that? Thousands of people all over the world are making money with this closely held secret, but NO ONE is teaching it. Until now!

Website Bucks has over 400,000 Ebooks, Website Scripts Wordpress and html and other Turnkey Products, and Website Traffic to bring you instant profits! Buy it to Use and or Resell over and over again! Or download the products you want for your own needs and stop searching from website to website hoping to find the product that you want.

Everything you need to get started today building and running  your own home based business. Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights are sure to bring instant profits.

A full line of  Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights, PLR Rights, and Resale Rights Products with sales pages and easy to follow instructions on setup for the affiliate website templates. Most are very easy to install with No Database Or MySQL knowledge and come with Cpanel or Admin panel for easy changes and Affiliate Registers.

Standard resale rights (also called "normal resale rights" or "resell rights") allow you to turn around and resell the Ebooks you buy, much like you can be an affiliate to promote a product and get a cut of the sales. You can only sell the right for someone else to use the product, not to resell it themselves, and you cannot change the product in any way.

Master Resale Rights grant the ability to sell the right to resell Ebook resale rights. Again, you cannot change the Ebooks nor can you sell the right to do so.

PLR (Private Label Rights) to Ebooks can give you the right to edit the work and even claim it as your own, depending on the details of the specific rights granted to you in the license. Buying unrestricted PLR grants you all rights to the work, while restricted PLR has limitations on what you can do with the Ebook.

Personal Use Ebooks that cannot be sold or edited as single with resale rights but can be used for personal collections

 It seems that everywhere you look, someone has a foolproof plan to offer you for starting a successful home business. Most of them sound quite promising, and many of them guarantee ease throughout the entire process of establishing a successful home business. Although running a successful home business may seem like a very easy idea, many successful home business owners are surprised at the amount of time and effort that is involved. This is true especially at the beginning stages of any successful home business. There are a few important things to remember when one is interested in launching a successful home business. So that is why we keep our prices low so you do not get overwhelmed with the cost of getting started.

Home-based entrepreneurs have the opportunity of working right from the comforts of their own home. The environment is more relaxing than going to the office. Being home based saves important travel time, since you do not have to the office. 

A home based business can be operated at a more affordable rate. It is cheaper to have your office right at your own home instead of a separate location. You also do not have to pay any rent since you will be using your own home as your headquarters.

Home business opportunities allow owners to encounter less stress while working. This is due to the personal freedom that these owners experience even during business hours. You are your own boss and you decide what you want to do.

Businesses that are home based allow its owners to spend more quality time with his or her family, relatives and friends. This is probably the most beneficial benefit that you cannot find in the office environment.

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